About Us

Our Mission

The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey, an affiliate of the National Epilepsy Foundation, is a state-wide, non-profit charitable agency dedicated to helping to improve the quality of life for people affected by epilepsy and their loved ones.

The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey will ensure that people with seizures are able to participate in all life experiences; and will prevent, control and cure epilepsy through services, education, advocacy and research.

We provide comprehensive support, personalized services and advocacy for individuals and their families in order to maximize their participation in society.

The following principles govern all program activities of the Foundation:

  • The person shall participate to the fullest extent possible in their own care. The family and community are vital resources for the individual.
  • Volunteer leadership and participation of affected people is essential to the success of the organization.
  • Duplication of effort shall be avoided as resources and services are developed for the persons we serve.
  • Services and activities shall address the full spectrum of our clients special needs.
  • Program activities shall meet defined program standards set by the National Epilepsy Foundation and others relevant accrediting bodies.