Epilepsy Advocacy Day

Join the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ at the State House to hear what is being done in New Jersey to support people with epilepsy. Topics will include: SUDEP, driving laws and the Epilepsy Task Force.

EFNJ will be rescheduling the Epilepsy Advocacy Day that was scheduled for Thursday, April 17th.  There has been a change in the legislative calendar.  The New Jersey Legislature will NOT be in session and our representatives will not be in Trenton that day. Please check back for the new date!

Ways you can help bring awareness to our mission

  • Share relevant posts on your blog or social profile. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest to become a resource for your network of family and friends affected by epilepsy.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Share your story, or the story of a loved one, to bring greater awareness to the community that you reside.

Legislative News

  • Governor Christie has signed a bill easing medical marijuana restrictions for children. The issue arose when several children with Dravet’s Syndrome could not participate in NJ’s program due to rules.
  • S2227 requiring medical examiner training on Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) has been signed by Gov. Christie. NJ is the first state to pass such legislation which also requests medical information and brain donation for research. Thank you to all the advocates who worked for this law.
  • Governor Christie signed into law S2353 extending the term of the NJ Epilepsy Task Force by one year and adding an additional member from the NJ Association of School Nurses.