The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey offers an archive of past webinars to bring you information and education on your time and at your convenience.

Where Does Epilepsy Come From?

Presented by Dr. Mark Mintz, CNNH – November 21, 2014

Autism and Epilepsy

Presented by Dr. Mark Mintz, CNNH

This webinar will speak on the link between an autism and epilepsy diagnosis.

Epilepsy Testing- What it is, why we do it, and how to understand the results

Presented by Dr. Eric Geller, Saint Barnabas

The webinar covers the importance and specifics of epilepsy testing as well as determining the meaning of the results.

Behavioral and Psychiatric Problems Associated with Epilepsy

Presented by Jean Scornaienchi, PNP, BC – The Center for Neurological and Neurodevelopmental Health

Psychiatric and behavioral issues are common in children and adults with epilepsy. In this webinar, the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in this population is examined. Causes of psychiatric comorbidities are discussed. Early recognition and treatment of psychiatric disorders in patients with epilepsy is essential for their quality of life and control of their seizures.

Infantile Spasms

Presented by Dr. Harry Chugani, Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan

Describes the clinical signs of infantile spasms, discuss the causes which lead to these seizures, and the evaluation and treatment of the spasms. Discusses the various types of brain imaging that are used and explain how these are applied in the diagnosis and management of children with infantile spasms. The first line treatments vigabatrin and ACTH are compared, and their pros and cons explained.

Epilepsy: Back to School

Presented by EFNJ Staff

EFNJ staff discuss epilepsy in the school setting. Topics include seizure recognition and first aid methods to school personnel. In addition, information will be given on how to directly support students who have epilepsy in the classroom.